CHQ - Judas Must Have Been a Republican

Judas Must Have Been a Republican

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Judas Must Have Been a Republican
American Thinker - Deborah B. Sloan writes of the 'sins' of the Republican leadership, a collection of gutless politicians who are far more concerned about their image and electability than standing up for principle, as last week's hubbub over Rep. Joe Barton's comments on the Obama Administration's mishandling of the gulf oil crisis demonstrates.  Sloan says the GOP leadership's failure to once again stand on principle is a reprehensible capitulation to the Left's drive for total state control of everything - and the only way to bring back some credibility to the Republican Party is to replace them.

Remembering Donald E. 'Buz' Lukens (1931-2010)
YR Alumni Network - Behind every great movement are great individuals, and that certainly describes Donald E. 'Buz' Lukens, one of the early leaders of the conservative movement who served as Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation from 1963-65, as a U.S. Congressman from Ohio from 1967-71 and again from 1987-1990 and as an Ohio state Senator for eight terms in between.  Lukens left an impression on those who knew him for his vivacious personality as well as his uncompromising dedication to the conservative cause - and he will be missed.

Tim Scott Favored in South Carolina GOP Congressional Runoff
Washington Examiner - The South Carolina GOP gubernatorial runoff is not the only race that's drawing national attention, as the contest for the state's 1st district Republican nomination pits a black conservative with several impressive endorsements versus the son of legendary Senator Strom Thurmond.  If successful in the primary (and in November, of course), favored Tim Scott will be the first black Republican congressman from South Carolina since reconstruction.

Florida U.S. Senate Race Is Getting Stranger By The Moment
American Spectator - Floridian Larry Thornberry highlights the incredibly strange race for the U.S. Senate in his state, where Democrats appear to be abandoning their own potential candidates in favor of Charlie Crist, who just a few months ago was calling himself a Reagan conservative.  Thornberry details the issue-flips that Crist has undertaken since leaving the Republican Party and wonders how it can be that Crist is leading the race to represent the state in the Senate after November.

Tea Party Somewhat Split in Utah GOP U.S. Senate Race
National Review Online - Robert Costa examines the Utah GOP U.S. Senate race where conservative favorite Mike Lee is taking on newly minted Party establishment candidate Tim Bridgewater, noting that there appears to be little policy disagreement between the two but miles of distinction in terms of character.  Lee enjoys the backing of Sen. Jim DeMint and other high profile conservatives, and would be the type of principled Senator the country desperately needs.

Tim Bridgewater's Attack On Jim DeMint Continues - Utah's conservatives were successful in getting rid of Sen. Bob 'bailout' Bennett at the state's GOP convention, but that doesn't mean the fight to replace him with a principled conservative candidate is over - far from it.  Bennett's chosen candidate to replace him (Tim Bridgewater) is now running a sleaze campaign against Sen. Jim DeMint to try and discredit the true conservative in the race, Mike Lee - all because DeMint endorsed Lee as part of his campaign to elect more conservatives to the Senate.

GOP Dares Obama to Campaign In The Fall
Washington Times - Republicans are enthusiastic about the prospect of making big gains in both houses of Congress after November's elections, and they believe they'll only be aided if unpopular Pres. Obama campaigns vigorously on behalf of Democrats.  Obama is noncommittal about where and how much he'll try to 'help' - and Republicans in many places are all but daring him to show up and speak on behalf of their opponents.

Tea Party Recall Efforts Are Holding Establishment Feet to the Fire
Politico - All eyes are on New Jersey as the state's Tea Parties have begun legal action to recall Sen. Robert Menendez modeled after California Gov. Gray Davis' recall in 2003, an action that if successful, would make federal officeholders very nervous throughout the country.  Some are saying that if the effort fails, however, that it could stand to marginalize Tea Parties - but common sense says the movement's fight to bring accountability to politicians will continue regardless of the outcome.