CHQ - Viguerie: South Carolina Tea Party Steamroller Sweeps Establishment Republicans Out of Office

Viguerie: South Carolina Tea Party Steamroller Sweeps Establishment Republicans Out of Office

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Richard Viguerie:  South Carolina Tea Party Steamroller Sweeps Establishment Republicans Out of Office -- Richard A. Viguerie expressed delight at the results of the run-off primaries in South Carolina yesterday, in which Tea Party populist conservatives decisively defeated establishment Republicans.  "In the governor's race and the two congressional races, the candidates associated with the Washington Republican establishment lost, and the small government constitutional conservative Tea Party candidates won landside victories," Viguerie said.

Viguerie on Election Results: "This Is Not Your Father's GOP" -- The 16-month old Tea Party movement is dramatically changing the Republican Party, creating a much different GOP than the establishment-led version so soundly rejected by voters in 2006 and 2008.

ACTION ALERT: Oppose Likely Vote on DISCLOSE Act -- The anti-speech, anti-Tea Party, anti-small government DISCLOSE Act will be brought to a floor vote tomorrow in the House. Call your Congressman and tell him or her to vote NO on the DISCLOSE Act.

Is America on the Slippery Slope to Tyranny? -- Noted economist and intellectual Thomas Sowell marks on how the $20 billion extracted from private enterprise by President Obama in reaction to the Gulf oil spill isn't just wrong, it's a repudiation of constitutional restraint.  What is at stake is respect for the rule of law, Sowell argues, and putting ends without regard for legal means is a step towards tyrannical government.

Grassroots America is Reaching Beyond the GOP Establishment
American Spectator - Former Reagan Administration official Peter Ferrara looks at the emerging crop of potential new leaders in the Republican Party, a bevy of nominees brought on by the wisdom of the Tea Parties to select the most conservative candidate who can win.  Ferrara profiles Nevada's Sharron Angle, Florida's Marco Rubio, California's Carly Fiorina and Star Parker and Kentucky's Rand Paul (amongst others), a group of grassroots-supported conservatives who will make a real difference when they arrive on the political scene.

South Carolina GOP Voters Want Conservative Candidates
American Thinker - Times are changing in South Carolina, as the state's conservative Republican voters nominated a black conservative in the 1st congressional district and an Indian-American conservative woman for governor - two minority candidates who ran on principle and will most likely triumph in November as well.  South Carolina is showing that conservative principle trumps identity politics in a big way.

The U.S. Senate Could Get a Lot Rowdier in 2011
Politico - If you couple conservative favorite Mike Lee's victory in Utah yesterday together with Rand Paul's win in Kentucky, Sharron Angle's triumph in Nevada and Marco Rubio's in Florida - there's a real potential for some boat-rocking change in the usually stoic U.S. Senate next year if some or all of them are ultimately successful in November.  Conservative voters are clearly sending a message to the Republican Party establishment that they're not going to settle for Big Government candidates any longer.

Return of the Real Right
American Conservative - Jack Hunter comments on MSNBC liberal commentator Chris Matthews' recent documentary on America's Tea Parties, arguing that Matthews' paranoid reaction to grassroots conservative American populism is really spawned by a fear of upsetting the political status quo.  Hunter points out that Matthews' staunch defense of the failed Big Government political establishment is far more dangerous to America's future than any 'radicalism' the Tea Parties are advocating.

Sen. Jim DeMint Sounds Alarm on the Budget Deficit
Human Events - Conservative stalwart Sen. Jim DeMint sounds another alarm on a subject that conservatives are all too familiar with, namely the growing federal government budget deficit and the potentially disastrous consequences if something isn't done about it right away.  DeMint offers his solution, a balanced budget Constitutional amendment (S.J. Res. 27) which would force politicians to lay off the spending throttle and preserve America's fiscal future before it's too late.