Heritage Resources for the Budget Townhalls THIS Saturday, June 26th

In an effort to inform the debate surrounding the exploding federal budget deficit and influence President Obama’s Fiscal Commission, America Speaks is coordinating a national town hall event, with locations across the country THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 26th.  

It is critically important that a conservative message of responsible spending and keeping taxes low is heard at these meetings.

On the page, http://usabudgetdiscussion.org/, you can use the interactive map to find out if there is a meeting location near you (there are nearly 50 locations listed). A partial list includes: Augusta, ME, Chicago, IL, Columbia, SC, Dallas, TX, Des Moines, IA, Detroit, MI, Jackson, MS, Louisville, KY, Orlando, FL, Philadelphia, PA, Portsmouth, NH, Richmond, VA, San Jose, CA.

Each Community Conversation will be linked to thousands of other Americans across the country via interactive technologies, and a report from these Conversations will be submitted to the White House and Congress later this summer.I wanted to share some links to Heritage’s best resources on these important issues. Here are some facts you’ll find in our work:

• Immediately before the current recession, Washington spent $24,800 per household. Simply returning to that level (adjusted for inflation) would likely balance the budget by 2019 without any tax hikes.
• The federal government made at least $98 billion in improper payments in 2009.
• Washington spends $92 billion on corporate welfare (excluding TARP) versus $71 billion on homeland security.
• Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties.
• Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them—costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually—fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve.

Speak Out Against Tax Increases Fact Sheet

2010 Budget Chartbook

The Three Biggest Myths About Tax Cuts and the Budget Deficit

A Taxpayers Guide to the Federal Budget

Federal Spending by the Numbers 2010

Quoting our friends at the National Taxpayers Union from a message to their members about these Conversations, “in the time it took you to read this e-mail, the federal government will have racked up an additional $10 million in debt that will be passed along in higher burdens on our children and grandchildren. The government has already saddled us with more than $13 trillion in debt and if we don’t act right now, it’ll be over $20 trillion by the end of the decade.”

I am looking forward to hearing stories about how conservatives let their voices be heard at the town hall near you on Saturday.