Horn For Congress - Listen to Jennifer on Sarah Palin Radio

Jennifer Horn was a guest on Sarah Palin Radio earlier this week, joining the growing list of candidates that are being featured on their "Conversations with Conservative Candidates" series.

Other conservative candidates that have been featured on Sarah Palin Radio include Sue Lowden (NV-Sen.), Gov. Palin-endorsed Doug Hoffman (NY-23), Gov. Palin-endorsed Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), Danny Tarkanian, (NV-Sen.), Gov. Palin-endorsed Vaughn Ward (ID-1) and former FOX News commentator Angela McGlowan (MS-1).

Sarah Palin Radio is an independent, hour-long program on wsRadio.com that supports Governor Palin and the ideals that she represents.

Other guests on Sarah Palin Radio include close friends and associates of Governor Palin's including the Hon. Newt Gingrich, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, "Joe the Plumber" and Chuck Heath, Gov. Palin's dad.

Listen to the interview here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103507418911&s=637&e=001eKRmg72iCDvVUK6aigr7vgteJAZ0DwN9UYaQE-Ficy6eb6AwxCOC1XH-uD15ipQAIaLcEzVpOerEaP83MkVOgDBMullO0dmHdwvc-fvWR6U8Ro5GGc2hseaxapZ1eidRn8_uSc-tndpKTEpdD5PGDsEtFziGWS0-_b1xe0xJkhSvq5GrerKGxNP37YYSN_fIh_NsX2algFz53-rjQHVIOAW0v2JeAh7U56V-JqM0aAA=]


In Case You Missed It

Read Jennifer's quotes in The Hill story "Ousted lawmakers have another go and try to reclaim their former seats"

"Charlie Bass is the definition of a career politician and a Washington insider," Horn told The Hill.

Horn has criticized Bass for voting for budgets that contributed to the deficit, saying his calls for lower spending are hypocritical. "Career politicians and Washington insiders cannot fix what they have broken; in fact, they are the problem," Horn  wrote in a recent editorial in the Manchester Union Leader. "Some experience is just too expensive."

Read the full story here [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103507418911&s=637&e=001eKRmg72iCDvUsofENUqGRI6DPrL0YoYVmmIIG8hDJ4IlLjAwwvI1IheQxlNc4raPp8M7kqEi2knHtwWU-W4GdoyyBw5yOrQZ-2H07OIDgXHBgq4EQbKxAH9DA7BLd41K2vHVIGL8-wVVE-UuVU4fknVUp7CusECVX-ieQZNzVQGyXL1RsCGldepFDOk1IYKIcE8tjk0JwyBB3gZXEOgtEVsXqFIJfmgmBk-3EpDgqbTzaBgcc5OTeI8MrPkuYOVw]


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