CHQ - The Two Faces of the Tea Party

The Two Faces of the Tea Party

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The Two Faces of the Tea Party
Weekly Standard -- Matthew Continetti contrasts two roots of the Tea Party movement -- Rick Santelli's now epic CNBC rant in the wake of TARP bailout, and 9.12 Project founder and talk show host Glenn Beck.  The two faces of the Tea Party, Continetti argues, appeal to different audiences and look towards different directions, and are the reason the Tea Party movement is so difficult for outside observers to define.

Conservative Outsiders Win on Tuesday
Human Events - Political guru John Gizzi provides his analysis of Tuesday's elections results in South Carolina and across the country, writing that the common theme that emerged was a decided victory for conservative 'outsiders' over the GOP establishment.  Gizzi also highlights conservative Mike Lee's win in Utah, where the previously politically uninvolved Lee was able to win over voters with a limited government, pro-Constitution message.

RNC looking low on cash as midterm elections loom
Washington Times - Recent elections results have shown that grassroots conservatives are active in supporting campaigns of conservative candidates - but judging by the sorry cash-on-hand totals at the Republican National Committee, they're not doing the same for the national Republican Party.  The RNC's money totals are near historic lows for this point in an important election cycle, and much of the blame lies at the feet of Chairman Michael Steele.

House Republicans introduce YouCut, where citizens can vote to cut spending
Daily Caller - Rep. Fred Upton writes on a new tool being used by House Republicans to solicit citizen input on how and where to begin the monumental task of cutting federal spending, a Web initiative known as YouCut.  Republicans have a long way to go in convincing conservatives that they're serious about reducing the size of government, but they should be given credit for introducing measures like YouCut that will begin the process.

Tea Party Express says Alaska's Murkowski is next to go down
The News Tribune - Fresh off another victory in Utah with Mike Lee, the Tea Party Express has now set its sights on the GOP U.S. Senate primary race in Alaska, where RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski (lifetime ACU rating:  70.19, lower even than earmark king Rep. Don Young, at 76.41) is being challenged on the Right by Joe Miller.  For her part, Murkowski has started talking up her 'conservative' beliefs, but with Gov. Sarah Palin and Tea Party groups favoring Miller, it's not likely she'll fool many folks.

'Bailout' votes costing Republicans across the country
American Conservative - Sean Scallon writes of the toxic effect of having voted for the Wall Street bailouts in 2008, which claimed another couple victims on Tuesday in South Carolina and threatens to haunt those who caved to Big Government for the rest of their careers (Scallon wrote prior to the vote totals on Tuesday, but he was prophetic in predicting a voter backlash against two South Carolinians).  Many conservatives predicted that voters would have long memories when it comes to bailing out the irresponsible financial sector, and they're being proven right in election after election. 

What We Can Learn From Tuesday's Primary - Tabitha Hale is proud of the victories that conservatives achieved on Tuesday and throughout primary season, but says the work is far from over - and calls out people in several key states (Nevada, Kentucky, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Florida) to get involved and volunteer to push conservatives over the top in November.  Hale is correct in noting that primary victories are just the start of getting more conservatives to Washington - so everyone should heed this call to action.

Americans See Congress as Ineffective, Self-Serving, Entrenched
Gallup - A recent Gallup poll confirmed what many have been saying for a long time, that Americans are increasingly fed-up with a Congress that isn't addressing the nation's problems and if anything, is only making them worse.  The poll revealed that Americans want 'change' in Congress, and by November, could very well be willing to bring it at the ballot box.