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I began this campaign on June 14, 2009 – over a year ago. I am running because the damage being inflicted on our economy, our Constitution and our freedom by those who believe that government should run our lives is putting the incredible promise of America in jeopardy. I’ve fought for lower taxes, less spending, smaller government and less regulation as a State Representative and Deputy Majority Leader of the New Hampshire House. The battle in Washington is going to require not only the courage to vote the right way, but also the knowledge of how to fight the system that is taking our nation down the road to ruin. I know how to fight within the system, because I did it for you here in Concord.

Now, I need you, and America needs you. I need for you to talk politics with your friends, families and colleagues. I need for you to exercise the critical responsibilities of citizenship: to educate yourselves about issues and candidates; to engage others in discussions, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel at first. We are not going to put our country back on track without a colossal struggle, and we MUST be part of it or we will not prevail. Our freedoms were not won by the faint of heart; and they will not survive if we lose heart. Our Constitution makes us the most powerful citizens in world history, but that power counts for nothing if we do not responsibly exercise it.

Get fired up, and be sure of my unswerving and absolute commitment to fighting for the things we know to be right and true. I served as a Marine and an FBI Agent. I served as a Selectman, State Representative and Deputy Majority Leader. And I will serve honorably and fiercely as your next Congressman, if you will join me in this battle.

Yours in freedom,
Bob Giuda

Did General McChrystal Fall On His Sword?

Obama & McCrystalThis week, the resignation of Gen. McChrystal as the Commander, Allied Forces in Afghanistan rocked the nation and the world. Though some believe that his departure was too high a price to pay for being politically incorrect, we must remember that the military operates by law under a very different set of rules than the civilian world. Whether or not the current occupant of the White House is deserving of ridicule or disrespect, the Office of the Presidency is not. The rules governing our military were established to ensure that the civilian branch of government remains in complete control of the military. There are many examples of why our Founding Fathers established this hierarchy, both historically and in our present day world as well.

That said, the question must be asked, “Why did a 4-star General with a distinguished career knowingly allow a left-wing paper to observe and publish an exchange that cost him his career?”

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I continue to visit many of the 171 towns and 7 cities in the 2nd Congressional District.

Please check our newly-updated website to keep abreast of scheduled appearances.

Also, feel free to call me (603-764-5869) about any issue important to you.

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We need your financial support to win the primary election September 14th. Please keep spreading our message of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and personal freedom. Every dollar you send enables us to keep on fighting for you. Please donate directly through the website, or by mailing a check to

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