NRCC - Shea-Porter Backs ObamaCare Power Grab

New Hampshire Dem Votes to Let IRS Go After Americans for Not Complying with Healthcare Takeover

Washington- Carol Shea-Porter cast yet another vote for more government and more spending today when she endorsed one of the most controversial provisions of her party’s healthcare takeover legislation. Given the opportunity to block federal funding to the Internal Revenue Service to enforce ObamaCare’s individual mandate requiring all Americans to purchase insurance coverage, Shea-Porter instead gave the green light for the federal government to enforce this constitutionally questionable provision (House Roll Call 385). Cutting this burdensome spending measure would save taxpayers between five and ten billion dollars:

“There are too many needed cuts to list, but this week, my YouCut proposal seeks to prohibit the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from hiring thousands of additional agents and employees to implement the new government health care law—the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—which would save taxpayers upwards of $5 to $10 billion over the next ten years.” (Fred Upton, “Have your voices heard, YouCut America – and working together, we can cut spending,” Daily Caller, 6/24/2010)The controversial individual mandate is at the heart of the Democrats’ unpopular government takeover of healthcare, which continues to receive low marks from the American people thanks to its hefty price tag and broken promises. A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that a plurality of Americans disapprove of the legislation:

From what you have heard about Barack Obama's health care plan that was recently passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, do you think his plan is a good idea or a bad idea?

Total Good Idea: 40

Total Bad Idea: 44

(NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey, 6/17-6/21, 2010)

“After constantly backing more government and more spending, it should sadly surprise no one that Carol Shea-Porter just gave the green light for the feds to target Americans for not complying with ObamaCare,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “The American people have repeatedly rejected the Democrats’ healthcare takeover, but Shea-Porter continues to walk the party line instead of standing up the people she is supposed to represent. With Americans already suffering under the burden of big government, Carol Shea-Porter continues to write her political obituary by backing her party’s wildly unpopular agenda.”