Team Guinta -Shea-Porter Once Again Stands With The Washington Spending Crowd

Today’s Vote Reaffirmed her willingness to let IRS go after NH residents who do not comply with Healthcare Takeover

Manchester, NH – Carol Shea-Porter has once again proven she is more concerned with voting her party’s line than controlling spending, respecting the Constitution, and holding back the big government takeover in Washington. Today’s example of Carol Shea-Porter’s infatuation with the big government ways of Congress came in the form of her vote  against a provision (House Roll Call 385)  blocking federal funding to the Internal Revenue Service to enforce ObamaCare’s individual mandate requiring all Americans to purchase insurance coverage. A vote in favor of cutting this over burdensome spending measure could have saved the taxpayers between five and ten billion dollars over the next ten years.

“Carol Shea-Porter has been constantly voting the interests of those in Washington who want to spend more of our money, thus ignoring the New Hampshire taxpayers that have to pay for it. It is unconscionable that reforming our health care system would require the expansion of the IRS,” said conservative congressional candidate, Frank Guinta.


According to the Congressional Budget Office, over the next ten years the IRS will require between $5 billion and $10 billion in funding to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. the new health care law).  These funds will be used to hire thousands of additional IRS agents and employees.  Reforming our health care system should not require expanding the IRS.  By prohibiting funding for the expansion of the IRS for this purpose, we can protect taxpayers while we work to repeal and replace the law.