Testerman For Governor - A Precise Diagnosis

Dear Friends,  
I've been on the campaign trail meeting the hard-working people of New Hampshire, and hearing their concerns.
The Rochester 912 Republican Gubernatorial debate went very well. While we did not agree on every issue, we all fully recognized that free-market solutions, individual liberty, lower taxes, reasonable regulation and drastic cuts in spending must replace the broken, frivolous and immoral status quo.
What we disagree on, is what will motivate you to vote for one candidate over another, on September 14th. Visit my website to learn more about what I believe and why, when it comes to the role of government in New Hampshire.

I strongly believe that giving people freedom to succeed, without burdensome government interference and regulation, is what will help New Hampshire prosper. Of course, it will take going down the road less traveled, to reverse the damage already done. Will you walk that road with me, all the way to victory?
I'd love to see you and your friends at an upcoming public event. Will you help spread the word about my campaign for Governor of New Hampshire?
Scroll down for exciting news on the campaign team, and to see where I'll be speaking in coming days. I'd love to see you and your friends at an upcoming public event.

I need you! Your participation will help me win. Please get involved in my winning campaign. Sign up, today!

What People Are Saying...
A Precise Diagnosis

Red Envelope"All three Republican candidates for Governor correctly identify themselves as economically conservative, defending free markets and seeking to limit the size and intrusiveness of government. Only one candidate, however, precisely diagnoses the fundamental flaw in all State economic policies: their effects on New Hampshire's families. And so Karen Testerman alone can effectively implement their remedy.

It is natural to encounter politicians who will fret over the raw accounting for the welfare state, but only to the point of satisfying the government's bean-counting. For decades, the New Hampshire family has been forced to resist assaults, the result of aggressive liberal agendas and passive complicity within the GOP. They are strained attempting to pay higher taxes and fees. Many of them collapse trying to afford homes and transportation, education for their kids and groceries for their table. The New Hampshire family's very existence is threatened by the expansion of no-fault divorce, abortion, and legal recognition of homosexual marriage. There is virtually no area of family endeavor left untouched by the progressive ideology.

Karen Testerman will take all the necessary steps to roll back these statist policies but is the only Republican who will act from a family-first perspective. For Karen, statecraft is indeed "soul-craft," and defending our traditions and virtues must be among our highest priorities. Thus, her candidacy becomes especially critical. Bean-counters - and voters - ignore her diagnosis at their peril."

Robert F. Jursik
Upcoming Events
Karen speaks to crowd at Tea Party event
Karen  Speaks to Crowd at Tea Party Event

Testerman Team Volunteer Meeting

Friday, June 25th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
9 Devonshire Way, Bedford, NH
Contact:  jcoppins@karentesterman.net 471-2581

Neighborhood Block Party
Saturday, June 26th, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Grace Lutheran Church, 130 Spit Brook Road, Nashua, NH
Contact:  888-7579 www.glcmsnh.org

Greater Manchester Federated Republican Women Candidate Ice Cream Social
Saturday, June 26th 1 p.m to 4 p.m.
Greenfield Farms Parkway, 10 Greenfield Parkway Soccer Field, Bedford
Contact:  Kathleen Cusson-Call kathy@aggregateconsulting.com

Radio Event - Field Day Emergency Simulation - Tour
Saturday, June 26th 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
116 Naticook Road, Wasserman Park, Merrimack, NH
Contact:  Bill Hammond ka1ssr@earthlink.net