US Senate candidate Jim Bender stands up for NH taxpayers; focused on NH fishermen’s plight over intrusive government regulations

6-24-10 In Case You Missed It

Hollis, NH- While two candidates in the US Senate race were busy mud-slinging and the other two have been silent, Jim Bender is the only one talking about the real issues that affect the people of New Hampshire. 
 Jim was first this week to speak out against the D.C. Democrats plot to raise taxes.

“This is a flip flop; raising taxes on families who are already struggling in this economy is unimaginable, said Bender.  "The Democrats were happy to stand with the President when he said he would not raise taxes on the middle class, but now the Democrat leadership is changing their tune. They are blaming these tax increases on the huge debt and deficit.  They need to understand we have to cut spending first before we go back to the American people for more of their hard earned money.  This is an issue of trust and accountability of our elected leaders.  I will go to Washington and fight for no new tax increases; fight for lower spending, call for reviews of all government programs to make sure it is good for the people of New Hampshire.  That is my word.” 

 Jim also traveled along the New Hampshire seacoast listening to fishermen's concerns about the government regulations that are strangling their businesses as seen in today's Foster's Daily Democrat.

"The government has become such a big and intrusive part of everybody's life. They are overregulating to the point that they are driving these people out of business," Bender said.

Portsmouth-based fisherman Erik Anderson told Bender that increasing regulations put on fishermen by the National Marine Fisheries Service is creating restrictions that are seriously compromising the number of days boats can head out and bring in product.

"The guys aren't afraid to work ... they are afraid of the government," Anderson said.

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