Ayotte For US Senate - Watch My New Ad, and Help Me Fight Back

I am fighting back against Paul Hodes’ negative, false attack ad that he launched on television two days ago. I want you to be one of the first to see my new ad that will begin airing on television statewide today.

Paul Hodes mistakenly thinks he can distort facts and lie about my record as Attorney General. But we won’t let him.

Please take a moment to watch my new ad. And please help me keep this spot on the air by making a contribution to my campaign.

I am proud of my record as Attorney General and will stack it against Paul Hodes’ failed record in Congress any day of the week. Law enforcement from across New Hampshire know that I fought tirelessly to protect Granite State citizens.

Meanwhile in his four years in Congress, Paul Hodes’ only accomplishments have been to increase the size of government. Under his watch, our deficits have exploded and our debt has ballooned – Hodes just can’t stop spending.

This new ad sets the record straight.

Please view the spot and make a contribution to my campaign. Only with your help can we keep our ad on the air. Whether you can give $10, $25, $100, or even $1,000, every donation makes a huge difference in helping us fight these false attacks.

Thanks for your continued support,