Bass For Congress - 5 Days Left In This Fundraising Quarter- I Need Your Help!

With only two and a half months until the primary, I am continuing to work harder than any other candidate in this race, traveling across the district talking with voters and listening to their views concerning our nation's toughest problems. If elected, I am ready to tackle these problems with common-sense solutions beginning on day, but I need your financial support today! Please consider contributing $10, $25, $100, or $250 today, no amount is too small

It is clear that Washington is out of control. The Democrat Congress is on a dangerous spending spree that threatens to turn the American dream and all of its opportunities into a nightmare of debt for future generations.

Trillions of dollars wasted: on a failed stimulus plan that didn't create the jobs we were promised, on a government-run healthcare plan that does nothing to lower costs or improve care, and on countless pork barrel spending projects.

Now, the Democrat Congress is completely and totally abdicating their responsibility to American taxpayers - refusing to even pass a budget.

Unwilling to curb their reckless spending, Democrat Congressional leaders are already planning to raise taxes on hard-working New Hampshire families to feed their addiction to spending.

We must stop spending money we don't have. It's wrong to leave our children with mountains of debt. That isn't the legacy our parents left us and it's not the legacy I want to leave our children.

We must end the Democrats dangerous spending spree and bring common-sense fiscal discipline to Washington. If you agree - join our campaign and please send a contribution today! With your help we can take back Washington!"


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