CHQ - For Conservatives, It Takes Both Heart and Soul

For Conservatives, It Takes Both Heart and Soul

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DISCLOSE Act proves Dem Party actually fears freedom.

For Conservatives, It Takes Both Heart and Soul
American Spectator - Quin Hillyer offers a highly cerebral call-to-action for conservatives, quoting Sen. Barry Goldwater and comparing the conservative giant's views to some of those fighting for the movement today, including Sen. Jim DeMint.  Hillyer says it's the duty of today's conservatives to be active in defense of liberty (both economic and moral), to not be content to sit by and watch as the people who 'think they think' destroy our system of government that was designed to ensure our God-given freedoms.

He's Obama! He's Black! So, Shut Up!
American Thinker - Black conservative Lloyd Marcus writes of the ignorant overt racism from some of his fellow blacks who are blindly following Pres. Obama (just because he's black), and says there's very little use in arguing with them because they simply cannot be convinced otherwise.  Despite his conclusion, Marcus expresses optimism that some in his racial group are starting to come around, and also offers a hope that freedom loving Americans will outnumber the unenlightened racists at the polls this November.

Senate Should Reject START Treaty and Demand Release of Negotiating Record
Concerned Women for America - Richard Viguerie joins a host of other conservative leaders in calling for the Senate to reject the potentially disastrous START Treaty negotiated by the Obama Administration, a deal which on its face sells out America's nuclear security to Russia in exchange for... nothing in return.  Conservative leaders are also calling for a thorough examination of the negotiating record, since the accounts of the talks from both sides of the treaty differ so dramatically.

House Passes DISCLOSE Act: Pro-Life/Grassroots Muzzle Bill Goes to Senate - The corrupt Democratic leadership in the House rammed through the speech-killing DISCLOSE Act yesterday, drawing cries of foul from groups on both sides of the ideological spectrum.  Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen knew that if Americans had the chance to know more about what's in the bill (and who it exempts) that there would be a massive public outcry against it - and her actions signal just the latest travesty of justice to our representative form of government.

Small-Government Insurgents May Save the GOP
Washington Examiner - Chris Stirewalt highlights an emerging trend in the GOP (led perhaps by South Carolina) to nominate true down-the-line conservatives instead of falling for the business-as-usual Big Government types that have dominated for the past 20 years.  Stirewalt notes that there's a changing 'face' on the GOP as well, with the conservative grassroots choosing ideology over identity in nominating minority and female candidates who are proven conservatives.

Angle Holds 7% Lead over Reid
Rasmussen Reports - Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle's lead has shrunk a few points from the previous Rasmussen survey of the state's voters, but she still maintains a lead over nasty liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid.  Reid's attack ads have succeeded in raising Angle's 'unfavorable' ratings, but the race still remains focused on him, and Nevada's voters aren't liking what they're seeing.

Defining the 'Tea Party' movement
Patriot Post - Mark Alexander takes his turn at defining America's Tea Party movement, and provides both a historic look back to the original actions of the colonists in 1773 as well as an examination of the modern conservative grassroots movement.  Alexander quotes liberally from the Founding Fathers in compiling his definition, and argues that Americans must remain alert in the face of a Democratic Party bent on socialism and a Republican Party that's prone to malfeasance. 

Gov. Haley Barbour's Fundraising Takes Off
Politico - Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is busy dealing with the gulf oil spill these days, but he's also building what appears to be a sizeable fundraising apparatus that would rival any of the other 'potential' 2012 GOP presidential candidates - and some are saying he's preparing for a presidential run.  Barbour's conservative credentials are respected, but he's also about as tied to the Washington political establishment as they come.