NHDP - NH Leaders Call John Stephen Bikini Contest Outrageous, Offensive

Bikini Contest Fundraiser Shows Stephen is Unfit for Office

Concord - Today, New Hampshire leaders expressed outrage that John Stephen is hosting a Bikini contest, described on his web site as "The HOTTEST party ever" in order to raise money for his gubernatorial campaign.

"It's completely outrageous that John Stephen would ask women to participate in a Bikini contest to raise money for his campaign," said Senator Martha Fuller Clark. "My first reaction was - this has to be a joke. But it's no joke, and it demonstrates a complete lack of judgment. It's a slap in the face to New Hampshire women. It shows he is unfit for the office of Governor.

The event was advertised on both Stephen's campaign site, and also New Hampshire Republican State Party's webpage. In addition, an inappropriate flyer for the event showed a picture of a young woman, and advised guests to, "Be there or you'll be stuck watching the You Tube version..." The flyer was also reminiscent of Stephen's mentor, disgraced former Governor Craig Benson's inappropriate 'Man Show' shenanigans.

"It's the tone of the invitation that is demeaning to women. It looks like an ad for an x-rated website," said Senator Bette Lasky. "If this is the year of the Republican woman, this is an odd way to put it forth."

Demeaning women for political or monetary gain is behavior not fit for New Hampshire's highest office. Sadly, it's just more of the same from Stephen. In 2002, Stephen refused to fire his campaign manager who had a restraining order placed against him by his girlfriend. She reported he had stalked her, left threatening messages and slashed her tires.

"As the father of two daughters and the grandfather of three young women, I find it offensive that John Stephen considers women to be entertainment," said Senator Lou D'Allesandro. "Women have made dramatic strides in this state and in this country. Now is not the time to take a step backward."

A copy of the flyer from NHPoliticalReport.com is below.