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Rolling the Conservative Movement

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Rolling the Conservative Movement
American Thinker - Jay Valentine divides conservatives into two camps: movement conservatives, and those who 'pretend' to be conservative (Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Mike Huckabee) until it's time to stand up and fight the liberals.  Valentine says unfortunately, the movement conservatives are about to get rolled by the pretenders again unless there's a complete change in the political class - and putting the pretenders back in power will only make things worse.

Why Freidrich Hayek Is Making a Comeback -- With the impending failure of Keynesian economics to fix the Great Recession, Russ Roberts challenges crony capitalism and state power with four key takeaways from the works of late economist Friedrich Hayek. 

Virginia Atty. General Cuccinelli Shows Business Leaders a New Facet of His Image
Washington Post - Virginia Atty. General Ken Cuccinelli has established himself as a leader in the fight to repeal Obamacare, and he's using his consistent conservative positions to win over members of his state's business community.  Cuccinelli was demonized by liberals as an extremist with an outside-the-mainstream agenda, yet his personal style and command of the issues is proving that he's an effective advocate of free market principles, favored by most of the business community.

Rep. Castle's Vote Helps Conservative Foe
Human Events - John Gizzi reports on the Delaware GOP U.S. Senate primary race where the heavily favored establishment candidate, Rep. Mike Castle (lifetime ACU rating:  52.49), has opened up a door for his conservative challenger (Christine O'Donnell) by voting in favor of the anti-free speech DISCLOSE Act last week.  O'Donnell reported an instant boost in fundraising because of Castle's vote, which will only help get the word out about his lack of principles throughout his congressional career.

Have Too Many Conservatives Made Peace With The New Deal?
American Spectator - Former Reagan Administration official Daniel Oliver examines the modern conservative movement (as conceived by the late William F. Buckley Jr.) and wonders whether too many conservatives have 'accepted' that Big Government programs are here to stay, or whether it's possible to not only stall the onslaught of social engineering, but to roll it back.  Oliver concludes that it is indeed possible to fight the permanent presence of the Left's social programs, simply because they do not work and are therefore unsustainable.

Liberal Reporters Covering the Conservative Movement
Washington Examiner - Byron York points out that the New York Times and the Washington Post both hired liberals to report on the conservative movement but have not assigned conservative reporters to cover the liberal movement. York believes "it's a good thing to have each side examining the other."

Haley's and Scott's South Carolina Victories Shatter Stereotypes - South Carolina blogger Susannah writes of the historic GOP electoral triumphs of Nikki Haley and Tim Scott last week, two candidates that completely debunk the notion that southern conservatives will not support minority candidates.  Liberals hate the fact that non-white conservatives can succeed in the south because it shatters yet another of their illogical stereotypes that they use on minority voters to get them to mindlessly toe the Democratic Party line.

Tea Party in Anchorage, Alaska Holds Rally, Ready for November
Anchorage Daily News - Evidence that Tea Party activism knows no geographic bounds is found in Alaska, where Anchorage residents held a rally last week and are compiling their list of endorsements - which already includes GOP U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, who is running to unseat Sen. Lisa Murkowski.