Karger For President - New Hampshire Week Raging Success + Lots of Photos

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Fred Who?

Fred Karger, a Republican gay rights activist and retired political consultant from California, is back in New Hampshire and holding a town hall meeting tonight.

The meeting will be at 8 p.m. at The Element Lounge in Manchester, a gay club that has never before hosted a town hall meeting for a presidential campaign, Karger said.

The bar will offer a specialty drink called The Gulf Oil Spill, made with bright blue Curacao liquor, and a shot of Jagermeister, to make it look like the oil spill - which Karger faults President Obama for not taking seriously enough.

Attendees will come a way with a Karger t-shirt featuring the slogan of his campaign: “Fred Who?”
 My Week in New Hampshire
Well, as mentioned in New Hampshire's Capitol newspaper the Concord Monitor, by Shira Schoenberg, my 2nd Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire was held last Wednesday night.
There were well over 100 people who came to the Element Lounge in Manchester, New Hampshire's largest city (photos below).
My week in the Granite State was amazing.  It started out Monday morning.  I went to a fund-raiser where Newt Gingrich with the speaker.  I posed for the photo below, and asked him if he was running for President in 2012.  His response was non committal.  Saw him later that morning speaking at a candidate's training seminar.  He was ok, but never once even mentioned the internet and how to use it in a campaign.  Guess it was pretty new back in 1994.
Here I am with former Speaker Newt Gingrich at the breakfast fund-raiser
Then it was off to the famous New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College in Manchester.  I met with Executive Director Neil Levesque and he gave me a tour.  The Institute is a political junkie's dream.  Founded by Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) in 2001, it is chock full and history and memorabilia.  New Hampshire has been home to the first-in-the-nation Presidential primary since 1952.  It was so exciting to see the Institute, and hear about all the history and stories from Neil.
Here I am in front of the Institute
Town Hall Meeting
Wednesday evening I hosted my second Town Hall Meeting in New Hampshire and there were well over 100 people at Element Lounge thanks to the help of owner Tim and Rep. Robert Thompson. 
Robert and husband Mike helping with the set up
Keene State College student, Ian Michaels helping to sign people up and give away Fred Who? T-shirts. (Photo by Amanda Garabrant)
Robert introduced me and has helped so much.  Thank you Robert!!!   

Speaking at the Element    (Photo by Amanda Garabrant)

It was a very enthusiastic crowd.  I spoke for about 10 minutes and took several questions.
(Photo by Amanda Garabrant)

Fred Who?  T-shirts were given away to the first 50 people who came, then we ran out!
(Photo by Amanda Garabrant)
George Cox interviewed me at the Town Hall Meeting for his television show: "Our Vision, Our Promise" on Cox Cable TV (Photo by Amanda Garabrant)
Here I am at WMUR TV, the ABC affiliate in Manchester right after my interview for the evening news.  WMUR is the only network station in New Hampshire. 

Then last Friday, the amazing Susan MacNeil arranged for me to be a guest on the Dan Mitchell Radio Show on WKBK Radio in Keene from 9:10 am to 10:00 am.  Dan has interviewed every serious Presidential candidate since 1988.  It was a wide ranging interview on a variety of issues and topics  
No trip to New Hampshire would be complete for someone thinking of running for President without a hearty meal, incredible dessert, shaking hands with customers and a photo in front of the famous Red Arrow Diner in Manchester. Met owner Carol just like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did two years ago.  It's not only a famous political spot, but rated one of the 10 best diners in the U.S.       
It was quite a week!