Lamontagne for US Senate - Hungry for real change? Deadline 48 hours away

Dear Friend,

New Hampshire is hungry for real change, real reform, and real results – right now.

Over the course of these past few months, time and again Granite Staters have told me they are fed up with what's going on in Washington and they're outraged at our tax dollars being spent on government bailouts, handouts and takeovers. They've had enough of Washington's special interest culture, and they are looking for leaders who will pledge to fight for the conservative values that brought this nation prosperity for so many generations.

And that is why I'm running to be the next U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. Because the moment for leadership and action is now.

I have taken 'Ovide's Oath' – my 15 point pledge to deliver conservative reform Washington by eliminating the culture of spending, corruption and entitlements while ending the reign of the special interests once and for all. But with less than three months to go before the Republican Primary, I need your immediate financial support to make this a reality.

Next week our campaign faces the FEC's end of quarter fundraising deadline - the final quarter before the primary. Your generous contribution right now will help us kick off the homestretch strong and get our message of conservative reform out as broadly as possible.

Will you follow this link right now and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or even the $2,400 legal limit to my campaign today?

You and I know how much is at stake in this election. Changing Washington once and for all is serious business. In a time when it seems our leaders live in a world beyond reality, I will work hard to ensure that I never lose touch with the people of New Hampshire. I will hold regular town hall meetings because elected officials must be accountable to the voters and be prepared to explain their actions. I will serve with the decorum and dignity that are worthy of, and rightfully expected by, the citizens of New Hampshire.

I realize that it will take more than words to change Washington and how people see it -- it will take the kind of true grassroots leadership I am prepared to offer.

But I need your immediate support to ensure I have the opportunity to bring change to Washington. Can I count on you to help our campaign show a strong fundraising quarter? Please follow this link to make the most generous contribution you can to my campaign before our June 30th deadline.

As the only authentic constitutional conservative in this race, I will wage an aggressive grassroots primary campaign over the next three months, and earn the right to challenge and defeat Paul Hodes and his liberal agenda in November.

Together, standing on common sense conservative principles we will deliver a message so loud that the elites in Washington cannot ignore it.


Ovide Lamontagne

P.S. Our final FEC end of quarter fundraising deadline before the Republican Primary is next Wednesday at midnight. Will you follow this link right away and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help our campaign prove we have the resources and ideas to win in November? Thank you.