CHQ - Lee Edwards: Celebrating Buckley's Well-Lived Life

Lee Edwards: Celebrating Buckley's Well-Lived Life

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Lee Edwards: Celebrating Buckley's Well-Lived Life
Washington Times -- Lee Edwards' new book on the life of William F. Buckley Jr. highlights the influence Buckley's faith, as well as four specific leading intellectuals, had on the conservative giant. The editorial goes on to explain how Buckley's intellectual growth mirrored his own cultural development as well, helping to transform a fractured group of half-enemies into the conservative movement we know today. Edwards' book may be ordered online.

Palin Goes Rogue Against Tea Party Candidates
Human Events - Valerie Richardson wonders aloud what's on the mind of many conservatives these days: Why is Gov. Sarah Palin endorsing Republican establishment candidates (or former McCain supporters) at the expense of true conservatives in so many important races?  Palin's 'power' in endorsements will certainly fade if she keeps tabbing the wrong candidates - conservatives will simply stop paying attention to her.

Party-Switcher Griffith Goes Down in Alabama
Politico - It happened a couple weeks ago in Pennsylvania and it happened again yesterday in Alabama - voters rejecting politically motivated party-switchers in primary elections.  Alabama's conservative 5th district voters recognized that Rep. Parker Griffith was not a principled conservative and decided to send a message to the Republican Party establishment that the grassroots will not support a candidate merely because there's an 'R' in front of his name.

Is The Party Over?
American Thinker - Bruce Walker touches on the notion of political parties in America and notes that conservative affiliation with the Republican Party certainly hasn't done much to advance the conservative cause in recent times.  Walker then presents a somewhat radical idea in the age of partisan rancor between the Republicans and Democrats:  why don't we simply do away with political parties altogether, and force candidates to articulate and run on what they actually believe?

Republicans Look To Take Braley's Job in 1st District (Iowa)
Quad City Times - One truly positive aspect from the rise of America's Tea Parties is the fact that conservative candidates are now feeling emboldened to talk about the Constitution and about shrinking the size of the federal government - and that's certainly happening in Iowa's 1st district, where two young Republicans are talking conservative in trying to win the Party nomination to go up against Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley in November.  Iowa's primary election will be held June 8th.  

Activist Aims To Show Blacks Tea Party Isn't Racist
Newsmax - Many black conservatives have written on their observations of America's Tea Parties, and how they're made up of concerned citizens of all races - but one black conservative is actually going on the road to speak directly to black communities, and 'bring' the Tea Party to them.  William Owens Jr. says the there are many blacks who hold conservative values and all they need is to be shown how Big Government has failed to bring positive results to minority communities.

Both Parties' Favorable Ratings Near Record Lows
Gallup - Politics has always been a tough business to please people, but these are especially dark days for both the Republicans and Democrats, with both parties near their all-time record lows in favorability ratings.  The Democrats' poor performance is understandable in light of the party's attempted takeover of the American economy, but the Republicans' low standing can only be attributed to a lack of trust on behalf of conservatives that the party leaders will actually govern with principle if given another chance.