NHDP - GOP Senate Candidates Refuse to Promise Not to Drill Off New England Coastline

CONCORD - In the midst of the worst oil spill in this country's history, all four Republican candidates for US Senate refused to support President Obama's moratorium on offshore drilling - and refused to promise the people of New Hampshire that they would always protect the ban on drilling off of New England's coast.

Democratic senate candidate Paul Hodes yesterday came out in support of the moratorium and promised to never allow the ban on drilling off New Hampshire's seacoast to be lifted [WMUR, 6/1/10]. He challenged Kelly Ayotte, Bill Binnie and Ovide Lamontagne to make the same promise - but today every single one of them failed to do so [Nashua Telegraph, 6/2/10].

"So far, Kelly Ayotte and her Republican opponents have stopped at nothing when it comes to giving big oil free reign, even over New Hampshire's seacoast," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Not only do they want us to keep drilling, as thousands or barrels of oil are still seeping into our waters, but they flatly refused to promise New Hampshire that our fisheries, our environment and the local economies of our coastal communities will always come before the profits of big oil companies."

"Every single one of them has made it clear that they'll sell New Hampshire out- the second Big Oil comes knocking on their door," said Browne.