Bass For Congress - Please Consider Contributing In The Next 36 Hours!


Dear Friend,

With only 36 hours left in this fundraising quarter, I am writing to ask for your financial support today. Over the past three months, I have been overwhelmed by the support my campaign has received, both financially and at the grassroots level, and I am working hard to close this quarter with a bang. Please consider contributing $10, $25, $100, or more today!

While my main goal has been to build the 2nd District's strongest grassroots organization, it is vital that the campaign have the financial resources to adequately spread our message of smaller government, less spending, and using common sense approaches to solve our nation's toughest problems.

With millions of dollars expected to be spent by outside groups in this race, it will be imperative that the Republican Nominee in the 2nd District have the ability to compete with those forces, and your contribution will ensure that if nominated, I will.

Thank you to those that have already given to my campaign, and I appreciate your continued support and friendship. If you would consider giving an additional $10, $100, or $1000 today, I would be grateful. With your help, I know that we will be successful in September, and again in November!

As a bonus, any contribution over $100 through midnight tomorrow will receive one of our 2010 Bass For Congress T-Shirt and a 2010 BASS supporter pin!