CHQ - Voters are Bailing on GOP Bailout Supporters

Voters are bailing on GOP bailout supporters

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Voters are bailing on GOP bailout supporters
Daily Caller -- W. James Antle III writes on the intense voter backlash that Republicans who voted for the Wall Street bailout (aka TARP) in 2008 are experiencing, with normally safe GOP incumbents being challenged and sometimes beaten in primaries across the country.  Antle gives credit to the Tea Party movement for holding these less-than-principled politicians accountable at the ballot box and hints that the anti-bailout movement.

Haley's conservative message gives her 12-point lead in SC governors race
The State -- Nikki Haley's conservative reform message of limited, accountable government that works for the people, and not the politicians, clearly resonates with voters.

Why won't the NRA pull the trigger on Kagan? -- Curt Levey provides some insight into what's holding the NRA back from going full guns on ElenaKagan's anti-Second Amendment philosophy.

Why the establishment and the left portray conservatives as out of the mainstream -- Attacks on Sarah Palin -- and other high-profile conservatives, such as Rush, Michelle Bachman and others - really are attacks on all conservatives and conservatism. The reason is simple. When conservatism is discussed rationally, we win.

Is Clarence Thomas the originalists' originalist? (blog) -- If we get the transcript, we'll post it, but last night Mark Levin highlighted Justice Thomas' concurring opinion in the recently decided Second Amendment case, McDonald v. Chicago, as an example of how sometimes even originalists might not reach the same conclusions the same way. In the mean time, here's a blog that does a good job explaining the importance to conservatives of Clarence Thomas' concurring opinion.

Take a tip from the Founders -- be honest rather than polite in political discourse
The New American -- While Americans have for several generations clung to the notion that political discourse should be civil, it is better to have the unfettered truth with a few insults than to have only part of the truth. And with that full truth usually comes a lot of passion and insults.

Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck speaks on why he's running for office
Colorado Statesman -- Colorado GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck has conducted the vast majority of his campaign in a very old fashioned way, traveling his state to meet voters and listen to their concerns.  If elected, Buck would become just one of a hundred senators, though it's clear from his words that he'd bring a limited government passion to Washington that could only help in reforming our broken system.

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