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Dr. Ashraf Ezzat
General McChrystal Could Not Fake it Anymore
"This was not the war that the commanding General had in mind, this was not his ambition, this was not the challenge he aspired for and this was certainly not what he was trained for"
The world we live in, is like a big school, the day we stop learning, is the day we die. And as students in the big school of life, we all know that in every class room there are students who tend to act out or misbehave. There are students who are trouble makers by nature, or maybe suffer from (ADHD) attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. But those don`t worry me as much as the student who suddenly misbehave after being the topnotch kid of his class, I'm talking about the four- star General, Stanely McChrystal who suddenly started mocking his civilian leaders, and showed disrespect to the American political and military administration.
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