Horn For Congress - A Personal Note from Jennifer Horn

I need your help - today.

I am writing to ask you to please go online right now
and make a contribution. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103530013575&s=637&e=001VnaOhElj5OGQPfcipM93PN7B7luh5P1hci22egKyCpJkxbb5O_-jjk-Lln9O8Hslec-Ygf5lsZR7d5pd2nWOn2lXub8UlipSENN-WRNVtmoQOrk3UHgW8cHYxZzCNGyz]

This is all very personal to me - I am running because of my love for my children,
my community and my country. I know you feel the same way and I am so grateful
to you for standing with me as we fight to return integrity to Congress and to
end the out of control liberal agenda of this administration.

Their failed policies are crushing the economy, destroying jobs and leaving us with
double digit unemployment and plummeting consumer confidence.

But we can change this.

You have a clear choice in this primary - a Republican who will stand and say no
to the Democrat's radical agenda, or a Republican who will vote with the Democrats
on critical issues like Cap and Trade and Spending. We are already winning this
race -- the UNH poll showed me beating both Democrats in the race.

Please make a contribution online at www.JenniferHorn.org before midnight tonight.

Or, mail a check DATED TODAY to Horn For Congress, 379 Amherst St, PMB 109, Nashua
NH 03063


With gratitude for your continued friendship and support,

p.s. It is time for a Congresswoman with the political courage to do what is right,
not what is politically expedient. Please visit www.JenniferHorn.org and make your
contribution today.