Horn For Congress - We need Strong, Principled Leadership in Washington

Dear Friends,
As most of you realize, we are just 36-hours away from the end of the FEC Quarterly fundraising deadline - this is a very important deadline for our campaign and we are close to reaching our goal!

We need strong, principled leadership in Washington - we need a Congresswoman who will fight on your behalf.

We can create jobs by creating an environment where small businesses can grow and succeed without excessive government regulation and taxation. We can reform congress and make it work for the people, by enacting term-limits and ending the influence of lobbyist dollars. We can stop the spending by passing a balanced budget amendment, eliminating earmarks, placing sunset provisions on all legislation and enacting a constitutionally sound line item veto. And we need to immediately repeal 'Obamacare' and replace it with a health insurance system that will actually make Health Care more affordable and more accessible.

We can achieve all this and more - if we stand together now. You may have seen  the most recent UNH poll--it shows me beating BOTH of the Democrats in this race - with your help, we will win this!

With your help we will reach our goal and be able to spread our message across the district. Please help by contributing TODAY at www.JenniferHorn.org . [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103526873847&s=637&e=0015OQtjy3Ruyrq5_qlc47nHLINyQqyS4yNOR0TkrgQQHCKTOYhJ_ygbPY1K7vQbNZjByp0R06DhmNmF9OBOW3yTIdjzpwx0v3GStzBNzVu05Di5YZJ_QwnSwuh7BGq590y]

Some of you can give big ($500 goes a long way!) but know that every single dollar helps move us toward victory! $250 - $100 - $50 - $25 - anything you can do is  very much appreciated.

You can give online by credit card, or by CHECKS DATED BY JUNE 30th - and mailed to Horn For Congress, 379 Amherst St, PMB 109, Nashua NH 03063.

Thank you all for your friendship and support - and please help us spread the word through your email distribution lists and Facebook pages!

Best Wishes

p.s. The future of our nation is bright and I am confident that we can achieve all this and more, but we must change the kind of people we send to represent us. It is time for a Congresswoman with the political courage to do what is right, not  what is politically expedient. Please visit www.JenniferHorn.org and make your contribution today. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103526873847&s=637&e=0015OQtjy3Ruyrq5_qlc47nHLINyQqyS4yNOR0TkrgQQHCKTOYhJ_ygbPY1K7vQbNZjByp0R06DhmNmF9OBOW3yTIdjzpwx0v3GStzBNzVu05Di5YZJ_QwnSwuh7BGq590y]