NHDP Calls on Bob Guida to apologize for Hateful Remarks, and Republican Party Candidates and Leadership to Denounce Hateful Rhetoric

 Guida targets hateful remarks at single mothers and members of New Hampshire's gay and lesbian community

Concord - Speaking to a group of teenagers in Nashua at the Boys and Girls State over the weekend, Republican Congressional Candidate Bob Guida repeatedly attacked single mothers, gays, and lesbians in New Hampshire.

Guida told the high school students that marriage equality for all citizens was comparable to bestiality, that it would lead to "the downfall of the nation," and that it was the root of all evil in society.  Guida also assailed single mothers, saying that they were a result of "the breakdown of marriage."

"Guida's comments are beyond offensive," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "There is no way to defend that kind of hate speech. It has no place in political discussions here in New Hampshire, or anywhere in the United States."

The Primary Wire, a New Hampshire political blog reported that Guida became "visibly irritated and short in speaking to the teenagers," when they challenged his offensive statements.  But in responding to their questions, he continued his verbal assault and refused to take back any of his reprehensible comments.

"Be it Bob Guida's tirade, Rep. Nancy Elliot and Rep. Al Baldasaro's demeaning comments, or John Stephen's decision to campaign with out-of-state hate groups, this is not a group of isolated incidents but clearly an intentional effort by the New Hampshire Republican party to spread discrimination and intolerance," continued Kirstein.  "Not only hasn't the leadership of the New Hampshire Republican Party publicly condemned these outrageous and disgusting remarks, but they are supporting several of the candidates' campaigns this fall."

"Charlie Bass, Jennifer Horn, the candidates in the first congressional district, and the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership should denounce Guida's disgraceful comments immediately. Unfortunately, their silence on this issue is deafening," added Kirstein.

According to a UNH poll taken two months ago, a majority of New Hampshire citizens support marriage equality. 

The full story from the PrimaryWire blog can be found here.