NHDP - GOP Senate Candidates Out of Touch with New Hampshire Women

Concord, NH - After Republican senate candidates Kelly Ayotte and Ovide Lamontagne announced new women's groups for their campaigns, the New Hampshire Democratic Party highlighted Lamontagne and Ayotte's record of failure when it comes to supporting women. Both candidates are staunchly anti-choice and favor repealing critical health care protections that guarantee coverage for women and their children.
"Kelly Ayotte and Ovide Lamontagne want to impose their radical agenda on New Hampshire women," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Press Secretary Emily Browne. "Ayotte's number one backer, Senator Gregg, voted against ensuring that women earn equal pay for a day's work. Both Ayotte and Lamontagne think politicians should decide what's best for New Hampshire women and their bodies, and they both support repeal of the critical health care provisions that protect women. They're opposed to ensuring that all women have access OBGYN care, prenatal care, and would let health insurance companies discriminate against women simply because they had a child. New Hampshire's women deserve better from their United States Senator."
Judd Gregg and other senators who support Kelly Ayotte opposed equal pay for equal work earlier this year [GovTrack, 1/22/09]. Lamontagne supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Roe v. Wade [Lamontagne website, Accessed 6/29/10] and Kelly Ayotte has been endorsed by the radical anti-choice group Susan B. Anthony's List [The Hill, 5/3/10]. Ayotte, Lamontagne, Bill Binnie and Jim Bender all support repealing health care protections that guarantee New Hampshire women will be able to receive OBGYN and prenatal care.