NHDP -New Hampshire Republican Party Caught Leading Disgraceful Smear Campaign

More outrageous behavior gets the NHGOP called out by the Union Leader

Concord - After spending most of last week recklessly accusing Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter of committing a crime for sending congratulatory letters to High School Honor Roll students, the Union Leader reported today that the accusations were absolutely baseless.

The story, which clearly outlines that the letters were sent in full compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, contradicts Republican Party Communications Director Ryan Williams's attempts to politicize the issue and wrongly accuse the Congresswoman.

"Ryan Williams should apologize immediately for his blatant attempt to smear Congresswoman Shea-Porter," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "It's clear his shameful, illegitimate claims have no basis in reality."

In the Union Leader article, Williams and the NHGOP tried to chalk up their behavior as a misunderstanding stemming from a National Review Online posting made earlier last week. According to the Union Leader, even Manchester Superintendent of Schools, Tom Brennan, stated that Shea-Porter's office did not violate the law. More importantly, he placed blame on any potential notification issues on his own office.

Of course, that did not stop Williams and the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership from using the politics of personal destruction to try to tear down Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.

On June 24, Williams posted, "Did @TeamSheaPorter commit a Class B felony?" and "Did @TeamSheaPorter illegally obtain personal student info from the Manch School Dept?  The Superintendent thinks so." 
The following day, New Hampshire Republican Party staffer Tom DeRosa posted, "Hypocrisy of the left: @TeamSheaPorter breaks law and NHDP silent..."
In addition, their comments were re-tweeted by Republican Party consultants, including Patrick Hynes, who is working for Sean Mahoney in the first Congressional district Republican primary, and Matt Suermann of RedHampshire.com.

"Either the staff over at the Republican Party can't read the law, or they knowingly and recklessly tried to spread misinformation about the Congresswoman," continued Kirstein. "Given John H. Sununu and Ryan Williams's past behavior, one can only conclude that this was an attempted smear campaign that blew up in their face."

"Ryan Williams should be ashamed of himself," concluded Kirstein.

A copy of Williams, Hynes, and Suermann's Twitter profiles can be found here.