NRN - Robert Chatigny - The Wrong Choice for the 2nd Circuit Court

June 30, 2010
1:15 PM

Below is important information on Robert Chatigny. This is an important appointment that needs to be fought. Please help spread the word!

Robert Chatigny has been nominated to serve on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. For those unfamiliar with him need to be quick. He has already breezed through the Senate Judiciary Committee and faces a confirmation vote in front of the Senate at a time to be determined. The Senate can approve him at any time, so calls are needed to your Senator now! Call 202.224.3121.

Here is some background info on Chatigny:

Currently, Americans for Limited Government has a TV ad up in Nevada and Vermont urging Senators Reid and Leahy to vote no on him. Here is the Nevada ad:

The Washington Times and the American Spectator have also helped push the ad out! Please help spread the message as well.

Today, and Americans for Limited Government released the below video on Harry Reid and Chatigny:

Please help spread the word!