Bender for Senate - Bender says Rep. Hodes Missing the Real Issue Threatening to Destroy New England Fishing Industry

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

HOLLIS, NH – Jim Bender, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate responds to Congressman Paul Hodes and his support of a ban on offshore drilling.

“Congressman Hodes is missing something important here,” said Bender.  “Even though there wasn’t an oil spill in New Hampshire to bring this issue to national attention, the fishermen in New England are hurting.”

“Recently, the Federal government decided to do more harm by imposing burdensome regulations on the fishing industry.  We’re setting the stage for more unemployment and hardship for long-time families of fishermen along the Seacoast.  Oil isn’t ruining our fishing industry in New Hampshire; big government is.”

“This is an example of the government’s lack of leadership and a disregard for the needs of small business owners.  Paul Hodes’ solutions are always more government, more regulation, and more taxes.  We need less of all three.”