CHQ - Conservatives: Beware of the Military Funeral Case

Conservatives: Beware of the Military Funeral Case

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Conservatives: Beware of the Military Funeral Case
American Thinker  -Mark Fitzgibbons warns conservatives that a case before the Supreme Court about protests at military funerals has First Amendment implications for conservatives. The case involves the Westboro Baptist Church, which made headlines by protesting with hate messages at military funerals. Fitzgibbons warns that if the government -- or its leftwing surrogates -- are allowed to silence 'shock' value protests at their whim, then much of what conservatives are doing today to speak out against government excess could very well fall in the same category. Why else would Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer and other leftwingers who want to destroy the First Amendment file an amicus brief in this case?

Joseph Farah:  Hijacking the Tea Party movement
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah writes of the numerous attempts to hijack America's Tea Parties, an endeavor that he hopes isn't possible because of the independent nature of those taking part in the movement.  Like other conservative leaders, Farah recognizes the power of the grassroots led 'rebellion,' and prays that it doesn't get wrapped up in individuals the way the conservative movement has been co-opted by Republican politicians.

Poll: Angle Leads Among GOP to Face Reid
Washington Times - A few months ago Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle was polling in the low single digits, but buoyed by a number of high profile national endorsements she's now rocketed into the lead in the race, according to the most recent poll.  Conservative favorite Angle is the top candidate of a close three-way contest that will be decided next Tuesday.

Palin Endorses Murkowski Rival for Senate Seat
Hot Air (blog) - Gov. Sarah Palin built a reputation as a boat-rocker and reformer who was not afraid to challenge the entrenched political old guard within her own Party - and now she's done it again, endorsing Sen. Lisa Murkowski's challenger (Joe Miller) in Alaska's GOP primary.  Palin says she chose Miller because of his background as a reformer, and also because the Party needs new blood in Washington.

Crist Crony's Fall in Florida May Cost Him Dearly
American Spectator - Now that Gov. Charlie Crist has jumped ship from the GOP, the Florida U.S. Senate race is drawing much less national attention - but Crist has found his way back into the news, and it's not a positive development for him.  Floridian Larry Thornberry writes on Crist's hand-picked crony former state Republican Party chair Jim Greer, who's now in a heap of legal trouble, much of which could end up falling on Crist after the facts are revealed.

GOP's Lindsey Graham Out of Favor with Republicans Back Home
Politics Daily (blog) - South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham managed to be re-elected in 2008 when conservatives weren't able to consolidate around a primary challenger - but a recent state poll proves that conservatives are still paying attention to Graham, and they're not happy with him.  Graham's favorable numbers are very low for a Republican in a solid conservative state - quite a contrast to his fellow South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint.

Simmering Anger May Drive Religious Right Back to Polls
Washington Times - Conservatives of all-types appear to be extra motivated to take part in the 2010 elections, but that's especially true for religious conservatives who feel betrayed by the current Administration's leftward moves on abortion and family values issues.  The 'religious-right' will be a force once again, but only for candidates who demonstrate they're going to fight for the Values Voters' concerns.

About 2,300 Running for Congress, Most in Decades
Associated Press - Most observers are saying that 2010 has already proven to be an unusual political year, and the large number of candidates filing with the FEC to run for Congress seems to bear that out, with over 2,300 having declared an intention to campaign for the House or Senate.  The political events of the recent past have many 'ordinary' citizens deciding to get directly involved with governing, which can only be a good thing for the future of our country.