Ayotte For US Senate - Kelly's Campaign Bulletin

Kelly's Campaign Bulletin - June 4, 2010

Welcome Aboard Wayne Semprini!

This week, Kelly announced that former NH GOP Chairman Wayne Semprini has joined Team Ayotte. Wayne is a longtime conservative activist who is well-known on the Seacoast and well-respected across the state. He joins four other former state Republican Party chairmen in backing Kelly: Steve Duprey, Jayne Millerick, John Stabile and Donna Sytek have all previously announced their support for Ayotte’s campaign.

In announcing his endorsement, here’s what Wayne had to say: “Kelly Ayotte will be a tough Senator who will bring core New Hampshire values to Washington and will be an energizing force for our Party. She’s a strong fiscal conservative with a demonstrated record of standing on principle. There’s no question Kelly is by far the strongest candidate to beat Paul Hodes, and I endorse her candidacy with enthusiasm.”

We look forward to seeing Wayne on the campaign trail soon – and hope that he’ll bring some of his famous homemade chowder with him!


National Police Organization Backs Kelly

Kelly has picked up another major law enforcement endorsement. The National Fraternal Order of Police announced today that the group is backing her campaign for Senate.

Chuck Canterbury, the FOP’s president, said, "The National FOP only rarely weighs in on primary races like this. But Kelly Ayotte has garnered so much respect from the law enforcement community, especially among rank-and-file officers, that I want the voters in the Granite State to know that she also has the respect of national law enforcement organizations like the FOP."

The Fraternal Order of Police is the largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States, with more than 327,000 members.

Here in New Hampshire, Kelly is deeply honored to have the backing of all the state’s sheriffs, nearly 60 police chiefs, and over 30 police unions and associations.


Veterans for Ayotte

Kelly recently announced the steering committee for her newest grassroots coalition – “Veterans for Ayotte.” Comprised of 60 prominent veterans from across the state, this group will be responsible for recruiting supporters for Kelly from within the veterans’ community. As a military spouse, veterans know that Kelly will fight hard for them in the U.S. Senate.

To learn more about the Veterans for Ayotte steering committee, click here. To sign up, click here.

Summer Campaign Traditions: Lawn Signs and Parades
Warmer weather and the imminent arrival of summer signal that the campaign is entering the home stretch. You know what that means: it’s time for lawn signs and parades, fairs, and festivals!

If you’d like to get on Kelly’s lawn sign list, send an e-mail message to signs@ayotteforsenate.com. And if you have events that you think Kelly should attend in your area, send us the details at events@ayotteforsenate.com.


Joint Legislative Committee

Legislators in Concord continue to review the state’s oversight of Financial Resources Mortgage. Kelly is firmly committed to preventing future financial crimes in the state, which is why you may have seen her express openness to appearing before the legislative panel reviewing this matter. This week, the Joint Legislative Committee extended an invitation for Kelly to participate in a hearing later this month. Although she did not have any personal involvement with the FRM matter, to the extent she can be helpful, Kelly agreed to accept their invitation.

Because this is an election year, we can expect Kelly’s opponents to try to twist this story to their advantage. But the facts won’t be on their side.

Here’s what everyone already knows:

  • Paul Hodes has shamelessly tried to politicize the FRM hearings at every turn. That’s not surprising, given that he has trailed Kelly in every poll and it now appears that he may be drawing a primary challenger. Sadly, Hodes sees FRM as a life raft for his flailing campaign.
  • The Attorney General’s office opposed taking jurisdiction over consumer protection complaints regarding banking and securities matters away from the Attorney General’s office, and the AG’s report on FRM shows that it was a mistake to have removed that jurisdiction. The report clearly shows that the two state agencies with primary legal jurisdiction over FRM were banking and securities, and that they failed to act as far back as 2000 to aggressively pursue the company.
  • The FRM report also finds the Department of Justice could have done a better job coordinating and communicating internally and with other agencies. Kelly supports the report’s recommendations to improve the processes within the office and between departments.

To stay up to date, visit Kelly's website at www.AyotteforSenate.com, and join her Facebook group by clicking here