CHQ - Don't Put the Cart Before the Elephant

Don't Put the Cart Before the Elephant!

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Don't Put the Cart Before the Elephant!
American Spectator - Virginians Ford O'Connell and Steve Pearson write of the need for Republicans to earn their votes this November, and that the Party's candidates must prove themselves worthy and competent to do the job they'll be sent to Washington to do.  The authors see far too much complacency in the GOP and point out that the Republican Party brand remains very unpopular - and simply not being a Democrat is not going to be enough to prevail this time around.

Documents Show Kagan's Liberal Opinion on Social Issues
CBS News -- At a time when the Rheinquist court was moving to the right, Elena Kagan stood shoulder to shoulder with America's radical left, including abortion rights and gay marriage.

Will the GOP Gamble on Angle in Vegas?
Wall Street Journal - Stephen Moore writes of the nervous feeling at the National Republican Senatorial Committee these days, brought on largely because of Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle's rise in the polls in the Nevada GOP U.S. Senate race.  The elites at the national campaign committee apparently believe that an Angle primary victory will give Harry Reid new life in the race - once again demonstrating that they think they know more than Nevada's voters about who would make the best candidate.

Local Nebraska Tea Party Picking Up Steam
York News-Times - Tea Parties across America have sometimes appeared to come from nowhere, but here's a look at how two Nebraska women decided that they needed to do something and formed a Tea Party that now encompasses several counties in their state.  The Nebraska group demonstrates that it just takes a few motivated individuals to make a significant difference in local politics, and it's great to see that many conservatives are no longer sitting idly by as Washington ignores the will of the People.

The Club: Making GOP Establishment Vehicles Insecure Since 1999
The Atlantic (blog) - Political observer Marc Ambinder comments on the recent success of America's Tea Parties in toppling GOP-establishment backed candidates in various places, but argues that in truth, much of the credit should go to the conservative advocacy group Club for Growth instead.  Ambinder provides some history behind The Club, which has been making change-resistant Party leaders nervous for over a decade - long before the Tea Parties even emerged.

More Incumbents Face Judgment Day Tuesday in Multiple Primaries
FOX News - America's anti-incumbent mood will be put to the test next Tuesday as several vulnerable incumbents from both parties are facing a multitude of challengers.  The Republicans incumbents in question all share the same characteristic:  they're viewed as being too liberal and unprincipled to represent their constituents effectively.

Sarah Palin Endorses Bledsoe in Arkansas 3rd District Runoff
The City Wire - Arkansas' 3rd district Republican primary runoff features a classic battle between a principled conservative reformer and a business-as-usual RINO - and Gov. Sarah Palin has decided to weigh-in on the race, endorsing the conservative favorite, Cecile Bledsoe.  The runoff election is next Tuesday, June 8th.

Seniors Are Strongest Advocates for Change in 2010
Pew Research Center - Seniors traditionally are the most active voting group in America, and if that's the case in 2010, incumbents and Congressional compromisers might be in trouble.  A recent Pew Research Center survey revealed that older Americans are the group that's by far the most dissatisfied with the direction of the country - and they're also much more likely to support candidates who've never run for office before as well.