Community Protest at Wentworth Douglass

What:                          Community Protest at Douglass Wentworth Hospital

Who:                            Community Members

Where:        Wentworth Douglass Hospital, 789 Central Street, Dover

When:          Monday, June 7th at 8am


Community protests Wentworth-Douglass Hospital’s Stall Tactics

Construction workers and community supporters will rally at 8am on Monday morning, June 7 at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital to protest the hospital’s refusal to engage with the community on the question of requiring contractors to provide health insurance to workers who will build WDH’s $54 million expansion.

In Oct. 2009, a small group of Building Trades leaders became aware that plans for expansion of the Wentworth Douglass Hospital were once again underway. Because of the historical precedence of NH hospitals using contractors who do not provide health insurance, they recognized a need to intervene on behalf of NH workers. The campaign began with outreach from several locals and community groups to CEO, Gregory Walker, the Board of Directors, hospital Trustees and the local politicians. Their letters went unanswered. The local unions then co-authored a letter to Mr. Walker requesting a meeting to discuss the project and how the local unions may be able to help assure a successful project. Again, the letter went unanswered. To date, they have had a presence at WDH every weekday during the morning commute. For months, the hospital has chosen to ignore them.