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Concerned About Runaway Federal Spending?

Heritage analyst Brian Reidl produced a Special Report, Federal Spending by the Numbers. It is full of information on how our federal government spends money that you can use in op-eds and debates as well as at your local tea party or town hall meeting.

Reidl uses the following chart to points out that by 2050, our federal government will spend as much on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as we have historically taken in as revenue. This leaves no room for spending on national defense or any other program without taking on massive amounts of debt. Click on the report to see many more.

The Joint Economic Committee recently released a study that shows U.S. debt may be downgraded as early as 2015 – which means in 5 years we could be in the same boat as Greece. Read the study here. 

And, the American Legislative Exchange Council just released its book, Rich States, Poor States, which takes an in-depth look at the economic situations of all 50 states. Click here to find your state and how you rank in terms of economic competitiveness.

Join Heritage at the Family Research Council Action's Values Voter Summit 2010 in Washington, DC, from September 17-19.

The event will feature prominent conservatives including Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR), Bill Bennett, Rep. Mike Pence and many more. Heritage will hold a screening of Let Me Rise and host a panel discussion about the connections between social and economic conservatism. Register at ValuesVoterSummit.org.

What is your local tea party organization doing?

Now that the 2010 tax day rallies are over, what is your tea party group doing? We have received reports that many are conducting reading groups, educational dinners, and training on how to become involved in your local community.

In addition to our ongoing policy analysis, Heritage has resources – books, study guides and more – that provide insight into our founding principles and how they are relevant today. One resource that may be of interest to you today is our Issues 2010 book. This is an in-depth look at public policy issues facing Congress, both domestic and foreign policy.

Please share what’s happening with your tea party with us so that we can identify other resources that may be helpful to you.

Thank you for your ongoing leadership in your community.