Jim Bender says May's Jobs Report Shows No Growth in the Private Sector

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010


HOLLIS, NHJim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate released this statement in response to the Labor Department’s Unemployment report for May. “Today’s jobs report shows for every one job created in the private sector, there were nine government jobs created,” said Bender.  “This is unsustainable.  We can’t all fit into a federal lifeboat.  We need private sector jobs and the solution is less taxes.  This is an example of ineffective big government that has become too big and will most certainly fail.  Small business owners can no longer bear the brunt of higher taxes.  The lack of leadership in Washington is clear from the mismanagement of the Gulf oil spill, the failed stimulus, the rejection of Obamacare and persistent government overregulation.”