Testerman Officially Enters Race for Governor

Candidate Promising Real Moral Leadership Officially Announces Candidacy
"I will restore New Hampshire's Economic Potential."

Karen Testerman
Karen Testerman

Concord, New Hampshire- June 7, 2010 - Flanked by supporters Karen Testerman officially announced her candidacy for Governor this morning.  She has been campaigning since January, but today officially threw her hat in the ring by telling the Secretary of State to include her name on the September 14th ballot.

In her brief, but compelling, statement she observed, "There was a time when holding a political office was a public service."  Voters all over the country are upset with establishment candidates.  They are looking for honesty, a fresh face.

"We need a leader with unshakeable determination to restore the New Hampshire Advantage,"  said Testerman.  "We must make this a state where our citizens can find jobs, our businesses can thrive, our taxes promote economic growth rather than stifle our enterpreneurial spirit, and our freedoms flourish."

After attending a luncheon for politically active New Hampshire women Testerman is headed north for meetings with businesses, religious leaders and citizens during the middle part of the week.