CHQ - Angling For Harry Reid

Angling For Harry Reid

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Angling for Harry Reid
American Spectator - W. James Antle, III writes that it's far too early for Majority Leader Harry Reid to be celebrating at the prospect of facing conservative boat-rocker Sharron Angle in November.  Angle has the Tea Parties solidly behind her, and Reid isn't exactly popular.  Antle thinks there's a lesson in Angle's rise for the GOP establishment as well, that their anointed candidates aren't going to fare well when local conservatives believe there's a better choice involved.

Nevada GOP Senate Candidates Feel The Power of Tea Parties
Washington Times - The 'Tea Party' has certainly made its presence known in numerous political races around the country, but its true power has never been as evident as it is in Nevada, where Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle has come of out nowhere to lead the GOP U.S. Senate race over Party establishment-choice Sue Lowden.  The other candidate (Danny Tarkanian) in the three-way race perhaps put it best when he said 'I'd rather lose to Sharron than to Sue.'

Sarah Palin's 'Mama Grizzlies' to be Tested in Tuesday GOP Primaries
Daily Caller - Gov. Sarah Palin has coined a nickname for the female Republican candidates that she's endorsed, calling them 'Mama Grizzlies' - no doubt in reference to someone she believes will fight fiercely to protect conservative values.  Several of Palin's 'Mama Grizzlies' will be on the ballot on Tuesday, which will test once again the strength of Palin's endorsement power.

NRCC Recruits Face Added Scrutiny After String of Losses
The Hill (blog) - In an attempt to try and steer voters towards its chosen candidates, the National Republican Congressional Committee started a program ('Young Guns') to aid those individuals in getting elected in their districts - but there's one problem:  local conservatives have not always cooperated with the national body's choices.  After a string of embarrassing losses, the NRCC has had to answer for why it's getting involved in primaries and committing resources to candidates that locals don't seem to want.

In California, Tea Party Starts Looking Past Elections
Associated Press - Like Tea Parties in other parts of the country, California's local Tea Parties rose up in response to a government that wasn't listening to them - and now the question is how to keep the momentum going after the primaries and this November's elections.  Local chapters are planning new and creative ways to continue making a difference after the elections, and the Golden State's grassroots conservatives show no signs of letting up.

South Carolina GOP Rep. Inglis Feels The Heat In Primary
McClatchy Newspapers - South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis (ACU 2009 rating 92%, lifetime 93%) represents one of the most conservative districts in the country, and it's not surprising that he's facing a primary challenge from his Right in light of some controversial votes that he's cast in Congress.  Inglis boasts the backing of some prominent conservative national organizations, but it will be his district's conservative voters that decide on whether he's the right man to continue representing them.

Tea Parties May Lend Support in Effort to Trim Defense Budget
Politico - With the national debt ballooning out of control, conservatives of all stripes are calling for ways to trim the federal budget - and for most, that even includes examining spending on national defense.  There's no denying that the Pentagon budget contains a great deal of Big Government excess, and many Tea Party supporters are speaking up about the need to trim the pork from military spending in addition to other budgetary areas.

Greer's Legal Defense: Crist Gave The Okay For Secret Contracts
Washington Examiner - David Freddoso blogs on the evolving legal case in Florida involving disgraced Gov. Charlie Crist-appointed former state GOP chair Jim Greer - and the facts that are beginning to emerge are not helpful for Crist's independent bid for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat.  According to Greer's attorneys, Crist personally gave the go-ahead for some shady backroom deals - which will invariably shed bad light on Crist himself.