US Senate Candidate Jim Bender Statement on Israel

Jim Bender - US Senate 2010

In light of the recent events in the Middle East, Jim Bender, Republican candidate for US Senate released this statement. 

“As tensions continue to grow in the Middle East, I want to stress that Israel exercised its legitimate right to self defense and we must learn all the facts in this regrettable and deadly flotilla incident.  Hamas and its allies are the responsible parties for the recent violence and the continued difficulties for the people of Gaza. The Palestinian people have legitimate rights to a state that is a peaceful neighbor of Israel, but those who assist Hamas only undermine that goal and a peaceful resolution. We must maintain the Middle East peace process and unfortunately events like this undermine that process.  One thing is clear; the Obama administration has managed to convince most countries around the world that we are worth little as a friend and worth even less as enemies.  They have made a dangerous world even more dangerous by not standing by their allies and refusing to impose tougher sanctions on Iran as it continues to be a nuclear threat to its neighbors.”