AFP - Senate Vote Thursday on Stopping EPA Power Grab

It's really sad and outrageous.

The Left is already trying to use the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to raise money for their causes and to pass more job-killing, freedom-crushing regulations. 

Take the ultra-liberal group Americans United. They are running a new TV ad saying the oil spill is why senators have to oppose the badly needed Murkowski resolution that will be voted on Thursday.  Shameless. 

In reality, the Murkowski resolution, Senate Joint Resolution 26 (SJ Res 26), is a long overdue effort to rein in President Obama's out-of-control Environmental Protection Agency – which is piling bureaucratic red tape and new fees and taxes on every small business in America.  This resolution will stop the EPA's astonishing efforts to regulate the whole U.S. economy by shoehorning global warming regulations into the 1970 Clean Air Act.

This commonsense resolution – which finally puts Congress back in charge of these un-elected bureaucrats at the EPA  – is not subject to filibuster and needs 51 votes to clear the Senate.  I'm asking you to call and email your senators today CLICK HERE

Tell them to vote YES on the Murkowski resolution, SJ Res 26. 

Tell them to stop these job-killing regulations that the EPA keeps piling on Americans.

Tell them that the decision on any global warming program should be made by Congress – not outsourced to the EPA.

Just last month I was in Dover, Ohio with Americans for Prosperity's Regulation Reality Tour, and the owner of a small rubber business there told me with anguish on his face, "We've figured out how to beat the Chinese.  We're more productive.  We're more efficient.  It's my own government that's killing my business."

That's what the vote on the Murkowski resolution is all about – stopping un-elected government bureaucrats from marching in and arrogantly telling struggling small businesses how to run their lives. 

Let's make sure these senators are hearing from us.  Click here to call and email your senators today!


P.S.:  This vote is a big opportunity to send the Left a message:  stop using the Gulf oil spill to push your radical agenda.  Click here to call and email your senators today to tell them to vote YES on SJ Res 26 and rein in the out-of-control EPA.

Remember, the vote in the Senate is Thursday and we need 51 votes to win, so act today and please send this call to action to your friends and family.