Dr. Peter Bearse filed today in the Office of the Secretary of State to be a candidate for the Republican nomination to Congress in the 1st Congressional District.

Bearse said that his prime reason for running was to better represent and empower citizens to “make a real difference” on  the issues of their most heartfelt concern. “A broad cross section of the American public is coming into its own -- waking up from a long political sleep. The sleeping giant is stirring, seeking to take our government back. An activist Rep. is needed to help folks secure the American Dream in a dangerous, uncertain world. A truly representative Rep. will vote how a majority of citizens in his District want him to vote, not his personal opinions.”

“The prime area where citizens need to be heard is the crisis of our economy,” Bearse remarked. “The federal government has been accomplice to the crime of robbing the great American majority of jobs, incomes, savings, homes, assets and dreams. A top down approach to economic recovery stands revealed as a formula for jobless stagnation. The bottom-up approach I have demonstrated in the U.S. and 15 countries worldwide is what is needed to generate entrepreneurship, innovation, new enterprise formation and job creation.”

“Power to the People” has become the cry of this historic election year. People finally recognize that “Congress is broke and only “We the People” can fix it.” Bearse is the only candidate with a strategy and a program for the fixin’ so that we can begin to create a People’s House rather than continue to support the best Congress money can buy.

As for the win-ability of his race, Bearse is confident because:

> The incumbent showed that a political activist could win with a low-budget, grassroots campaign could win; and

> Voters are no longer fooled by the same-old/same-old, go-along/get-along types that dominate Congress. They are more likely than ever to vote for candidates who commit to raise hell and shake up the dinosaur of an institution that Congress has become.


            Released by Supporters of Peter Bearse for Congress, June 8, 2010.