CHQ - New Jersey Incumbent Backed by Tea Party

New Jersey Incumbent Backed by the Tea Party

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New Jersey Incumbent Backed by the Tea Party
Wall Street Journal (blog) - The major media has been perpetuating a myth in depicting the Tea Party movement as angry and anti-incumbent to the point where any sitting member of Congress is in trouble, but New Jersey Rep. Scott Garrett (ACU 2009 rating 100%, lifetime 100%) is proving the stereotype false.  Garrett's consistent conservative record has earned him the support of his state's grassroots Tea Parties, demonstrating that responsible legislators will be given credit and the grateful backing of local conservatives.

John McCain's Last Battle
American Conservative - W. James Antle, III writes of the political 'conversion' that Sen. John McCain appears to be making, running hard to the Right now that he's being challenged in the Arizona GOP primary by former Rep. J.D. Hayworth. Antle notes that Hayworth is far from a principled conservative (claiming that Hayworth is a Bush-vintage Republican -- Hayworth's lifetime ACU rating is 97.5), but his presence in the race has forced the remarkable transformation of the former 'maverick' who once prided himself on bucking conservatives at every opportunity.

Charlie Crist's Lack of Principles Will Sink His Candidacy
American Spectator -- Floridian Larry Thornberry holds up Republican-turned-Independent Gov. Charlie Crist as the perfect example of a principle-free politician, noting that Crist has taken opposing positions on any number of issues, adapting his views to the political winds of the day.  Thornberry says Crist's actions since bolting the GOP have proven that there will be two de facto Democrats competing in the race against the true conservative Republican (Marco Rubio) - and that we have little to worry about in terms of the end result.

Nevada GOP U.S. Senate Candidates Prepare For Primary Day
Las Vegas Review-Journal - After months on the campaign trail giving countless interviews and enduring a number of polling momentum switches in the race, the three main Nevada GOP U.S. Senate candidates have reached the day that will determine who will challenge Majority Leader Harry Reid in November.  The outcome will largely be determined by who generates the most enthusiasm amongst conservatives, and it appears that Sharron Angle is the leader in that respect.

John Gizzi:  Defeating Dingy Harry
Human Events - Political guru John Gizzi details all the reasons why the winner of today's Nevada GOP U.S. Senate nomination will receive the attention of conservatives nationwide between now and November, namely the chance to rid the country of nasty liberal Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Virginia GOP Looks For Rebound
Washington Times - Virginia isn't usually listed as a battleground by those watching key state primary elections today, but if the Republican Party is going to retake the House in November, much will depend on local congressional races like those taking place in five districts in the Old Dominion.

Rand Paul Breaks Silence In Radio Interview
Associated Press - Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul has steered clear of the media since his controversial comments on the Civil Rights Act a few weeks ago - but yesterday he appeared on the Rush Limbaugh program to once again talk about issues that are important to his conservative supporters.  Paul emphasized the need to drastically reduce government spending and reform entitlements in order to save future generations from the need to pay back today's crushing debt burden.

The Rand Paul Gaffe and Liberal Injustice
American Thinker - Christopher Chantrill comments on the furor drummed up by liberals in the wake of Rand Paul's views on government's duty to address private discrimination, arguing that it's all just an attempt by government to grab more power so that politicians can discriminate in favor of their supporters all they want.  Chantrill says the conservative approach is different - to affect change via social pressure rather than government discriminatory oppression.

Documents Show Kagan is Far-Left
Human Events - Only a comparative few of the Clinton-era documents relating to Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan have been released, but for those now available, they paint a potential Justice that is far to the Left of America's mainstream.  On nearly every issue of importance, Kagan has taken a decidedly liberal position - and we're still only at the beginning of the process of trying to figure out where Kagan stands on interpreting the Constitution.