Lamontagne for US Senate - Principled, Conservative Leadership in 99 days

Have you seen the latest data released by the New Hampshire Office of Economic Stimulus? As conservatives we shouldn't be surprised, but it is shocking nonetheless!

The Obama Administration and Paul Hodes have been less than honest with Americans about the number of jobs the $787 billion pork-barrel laden stimulus has created. The president promised New Hampshire that the stimulus would create 16,000 new jobs. In reality, it generated 2,223.

With such a huge discrepancy between what was promised and what Washington delivered, it is no surprise that the stimulus has neither revived our economy nor created new and lasting jobs. We need to immediately audit the stimulus spending, and dedicate the remaining unspent portions to reducing our outrageous national debt.

President Obama also promised change, and he has delivered – but not the kind of change you and I were hoping for. The fact is, Washington is more of an insiders' club today than ever before. It's time to send principled conservatives to Washington who will stand up for our interests against the party bosses and lobbyists, and fight against big government. I am that kind of leader, and that's why I'm running to be the next U.S. Senator from New Hampshire.

With the Republican Primary 99 days from today, this race is about to switch into high gear. Our team is working hard every day, but we need the resources to fund media buys and get-out-the-vote initiatives to spread my message throughout New Hampshire.

Will you help us by following this link and making a contribution of $99 today? That's just one dollar a day through the primary, and it could make all the difference.

America desperately needs principled leaders in Washington who will fight to reduce government spending, lower taxes and balance our federal budget once and for all. Decreasing the red tape and tax burden that our small businesses face will help to empower the free market, incentivize business growth, create jobs, and stimulate our economy.

What we don't need is more of the same failed liberal policies that have stifled our economic recovery. President Obama and Paul Hodes believe that wasteful government spending on pet projects of dubious merit is the way to strengthen our economy. But as seen by their "stimulus", that clearly does not work!

We need to stop Washington's culture of spending right now, return to the free market principles upon which this great country was founded, and free small businesses from the yoke of an oppressive government to create new jobs, wealth and security for American families

And we need to start by sending a true conservative to Washington. Please follow this link right away to make a generous contribution of $99 – or whatever you can afford – and help our campaign kick off the final stretch on strong footing.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Ovide Lamontagne

P.S. The Republican Primary is 99 days from today and your contribution of $99 will help our campaign start the homestretch off strong. Please follow this link today to make the most generous contribution you can to our campaign today.