NHDP - Stephen Still Won't Say What He Would Cut

Concord - Although his attacks continue, John Stephen still refuses to tell voters what he would cut from the state budget, said Mike Brunelle, executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.

"John Stephen is loud with his attacks, but very quiet about what he would do. It's time for John Stephen to tell the voters of New Hampshire what spending he would cut," Brunelle said.

"As a career bureaucrat, John Stephen has a long record of fiscal mismanagement that includes asking for a half-billion dollar increase in his budget.  In addition, his actions have led to federal audits and lawsuits that could cost New Hampshire taxpayers tens of millions of dollars," Brunelle said.

"John Lynch has provided the steady leadership New Hampshire needs in these tough times. He cut state spending, made state government more efficient, and kept spending and taxes low, while simultaneously protecting essential services," Brunelle continued.

While Governor Lynch has put ideas on the table, John Stephen has just attacked.

"John Stephen has supported increased spending for his own political needs. At the same time, he also tried to cut essential services to New Hampshire's seniors, pregnant women and children. Is that he wants to do now?" asked Brunelle.  "John Stephen has already proven he can't be trusted."

As Commissioner of Health and Human Services, John Stephen secretly submitted a plan to the federal government to drastically cut health care to seniors, pregnant women and children.

"Does John Stephen have another secret plan to force seniors to drive 100 miles for basic medical care? Does he have another secret plan to force seniors out of nursing homes? Does he still want to cut health care for pregnant women and children? If John Stephen is going to attack, he should tell the people of New Hampshire what he would cut," Brunelle concluded.