CHQ - Which Republican Senators are Serious About Original Intent?

Which Republican senators are serious about original intent?

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Which Republican senators are serious about original intent?
Human Events -- Tony Blankley writes, "Republican senators need to understand that, notwithstanding all their fine statements over the years about looking for justices who believe in 'original intent' and don't believe in 'creating law from the bench' will be for naught when the Tea Party voters measure those Googled words against the senator's Googled vote for Ms. Kagan because she is in the 'mainstream of current legal thought.' Changing the mainstream of current legal thought is a big part of what the November election is about."

Bucking GOP establishment in Colorado Senate race
Associated Press -- Like in Kentucky, Utah, and Nevada (amongst others), the Colorado GOP U.S. Senate race has boiled down to a candidate who's favored by the conservative grassroots (Ken Buck) and one who's backed by a Party establishment (Jane Norton) that believes it can determine the 'best candidate' in any local contest from afar.  Ken Buck is just the type of potential lawmaker that America needs, and he sums up what he'll do in Washington in one quick sentence:  "Let me tell you, I'm going there to stir the pot."  It's no wonder why the GOP establishment is afraid of him.

Jim DeMint:  The Constitution is the precedent, Ms. Kagan
Washington Times -- Sen. Jim DeMint lays out the reasons why he's opposed to the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, focusing on Kagan's deference to Court precedent over the real (and ultimate) standard, the Constitution.  DeMint says respect for the Constitution should be the 'litmus test' used to weigh the suitability of any judicial nominee (or federal office holder), and based on that measure, Kagan clearly falls short.

A conservative thank-you to South Carolina
The Explorer -- Emil Franzi presents a 'thank you' to South Carolina's voters for nominating Republicans Nikki Haley for governor and Tim Scott in the state's 1st congressional district and thus destroying the lie that racism and conservatism have anything in common.  Franzi says that states and regions acquire reputations -- deserved or not -- and it's never been fair for the south to be characterized as racist because it tends to support conservatives and the Republican Party.

Why the feminist establishment fears successful pro-life women
Washington Examiner -- Pro-Life leader Marjorie Dannenfelser wonders aloud why the feminist establishment has been so heated in opposition to the plethora of conservative women who've been nominated for various offices all across the country and concludes that their reaction must be motivated by fear.  Dannenfelser says if conservative Pro-Life women are able to beat Pro-abortion incumbents in November, it will take away the liberal feminists' power base as well as shatter their previously useful stereotypes. 

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