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Flotilla Hero Ken O'Keefe, Veterans
Today Writer on BBC "Hard Talk"

Ken O'Keefe
Hero Hero of Gaza Flotilla Goes Head to Head with Biased BBC "Israeli Firster"..... Watch the Sparks Fly....

For those Americans that don't know, Ken O'Keefe is the United States Marine combat veteran who captured two Israeli's suspected of the murder of a Turkish photojournalist during the battle on the Mavi Marmara.  Veterans Today staff writer, O'Keefe was captured, taken to Israel and beaten, tortured for two days before being released.  Israeli's claimed O'Keefe was planning to set up a training school for terrorists inside Gaza while on the ill fated relief mission attacked in international waters by 24 Israeli ships and dozens of American built Blackhawk and Apache helicopters.   As many as 6,500 Israelis are believed to have taken part in the operation, deemed a "war crime" by maritime law experts with the British government.
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