Guida For Congress - The Sniff Test!

The Sniff Test

Our nation is foundering in intellectual dishonesty. It comes in many forms. It is politicians that decry our huge federal debt even as they pass earmarks for politically popular pork. It is media whose reporters do nothing more than copy and quote reports from other sources. It is aggressive special interests that twist remarks taken out of context to achieve a political goal. This is the culture of politics today, and it is killing our country. But it can only destroy us if we as citizens accept at face value that which we read, see and hear, and thereby allow someone else to do our thinking for us.

Our founders gave us more power than any citizens in history. They believed, as I believe, that our nation and its governance should be controlled by her citizens. But effective control requires making good decisions, and good decisions require good information. 

In a world dominated by sound bites, image-making and ulterior motives, our freedom depends more than ever before on us performing “due diligence” on things we see, hear and read. It’s up to us to do our part by doing our homework. When we don’t, we surrender our power as citizens to those whose real motives are very fashionably hidden by politically correct sound bites and images. Martin Luther King had it right, when he looked forward to a time when people would not be judged “by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

When appearances and innuendo become more important than substance, America loses.

I believe the American people and the people of New Hampshire are more than capable of differentiating between fact, fiction, inference and innuendo. We used to call it the “sniff test”.

And like never before in my lifetime, our nation’s future depends on it.

Yours in freedom,
Bob Giuda Candidate for Congress,
New Hampshire's Second Congressional Destrict