Heritage: Kagan Hearings. The Founders & the Fourth of July

This Week in the Senate: Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan.

Despite the fact that not all of the documents surrounding Elena Kagan’s tenure in the White House have been made available by the Clinton Library for proper review, the Senate leadership has opted to move forward with her confirmation hearings.

Our legal team has produced seven key questions that should be asked of Ms. Kagan to flesh out her legal philosophy. This is particularly since she has done very limited legal writing and only argued a handful of cases in her entire career. Read it at Key Questions for Elena Kagan.

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  • ·         For ongoing commentary at National Review Online, check out Bench Memos.

Celebrating the Fourth of July, InsiderOnline style.

The InsiderOnline.org website is running a series of short pieces from leaders around the conservative movement celebrating our founding.

Favorite Stories About the Founding

Gary Palmer, President of the Alabama Policy Institute writes: One of my favorite stories about America’s founding also involves my favorite Founding Father—George Washington. Perhaps Washington’s greatest test occurred in March, 1783 in response to the Newburgh Conspiracy. Joseph Ellis, in his biography entitled His Excellency George Washington, called this the “The Last Temptation of Washington.” During the War for Independence in 1780, the Continental Congress enacted a resolution to give veteran officers a pension of half pay for life. However, by the winter of 1782-83, it was evident that Congress did not have the revenues to fund their promise nor did they have any real prospects for raising the money. Congress then passed a resolution cutting the pension to full pay for five years which they could not pay either.

Find out what happened by clicking here.

What’s the Best Reading on the Founding?

Ever heard of The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America? Click here to find out more about it.

What’s the Founders’ Most Important Idea?

And, be sure to check back regularly for more.

Heritage Issues 2010

Heritage produced a comprehensive guide for conservatives on the issues that are facing candidates and the Congress this year. Many people around the country are using this go-to resource to educate the general public as well. Visit http://www.issues2010.com/ where you can download and print off the guide in its entirety or issue by issue.

Russ Dunn from Libertyville, IL e-mailed to tell us that they printed Issues 2010 out and had it for reference at their booth for a recent city festival. They also distributed our Patriot’s Guide as part of a brochure to encourage civic participation.

Please feel free to use these or any of our resources at your upcoming community activities.

Thank you for all you do for liberty. Have a great 4th of July weekend.