NHDP - NHGOP Leadership Continues to Mount Groundless Smear Campaign

Karl Rove called, he wants his tactics back

Concord - The New Hampshire Republican Party continue
s to push an unfounded smear campaign against Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter.  Even the conservative Union Leader editorial board acknowledged today that there was nothing malicious in Congresswoman Shea-Porter sending letters to graduating high school seniors congratulating them on their success.

According to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act, disclosure of student directory information is at the discretion of the individual school. And despite the NHGOP's attempts to cloud the issue, the Manchester Superintendent of Schools, Thomas Brennan, agrees.

Sadly, the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership hasn't gotten the message.  They continue to push this nonsense story as part of their ongoing attempts to wrongly smear New Hampshire Democrats.

"What doesn't the New Hampshire GOP understand?" asked Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "This attempted smear campaign has blown up in their face, and their efforts to continue it are embarrassing."

At the same time the New Hampshire Republican Party is launching this ridiculous smear campaign, they have refused to condemn outrageously hateful comments about single mothers, gays, and lesbians in New Hampshire made to high school students by one of their congressional candidates.

"Someone should ask Ryan Williams and the New Hampshire Republican Party leadership what message they are trying to send? Congratulating a student on their graduation from high school is a crime, but verbal assaults against single mothers, gays, and lesbians are perfectly fine?" asked Kirstein.