Pemi-Baker Republican Committee - Annual Gun Shoot events

                              MACHINE GUN SHOOT

Annual Event Dates                                                   Public Welcome  

SPRING EVENT – 1st weekend in May    April 30 - May 1, 2011

“General John T. Thompson Memorial annual Machine Gun Shoot”

Sponsored by Pemi F&G Club

SUMMER EVENT – Last weekend in July 31-Aug 1, 2010

“Charlton Heston’s Event“

Sponsored by the Pemi-Baker Valley Republican Committee

Saturday 6PM Lobster dinner, $25 per person

FALL EVENT – 4th weekend in Oct 23-24, 2010

“The Big Pumpkin annual Machine Gun Shoot”

Sponsored by the Pemi F&G Club

Shoots will run Sat. 9am – 5pm & Sun. 9am – 3pm

Rental Guns     See www.PEMIMGS.COM  for info & discount tickets