NH Perspective - Governor Lynch’s Secret Meeting with Prominent out-of-state donors

Concord Monitor ‘breaks’ an already reported story

The new media reported last month of Governor Lynch’s secret meeting with prominent out-of-state donors

Portsmouth, July 12, 2010:  A story that appeared in the July 10th Concord Monitor has been mischaracterized as fresh news.  In fact, the story in question was reported by numerous sources last month. The Concord Monitored merely jumped on an already crowded media bandwagon in reporting that a secret behind closed- door meeting was held in May of 2010, between prominent out-of-state donors and New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

“I am glad to have company in the reporting of this story, but the question begs to be asked – ‘where have you been?’ – stated Jeff Chidester, host of the New Hampshire Perspective radio show, who reported on the story during his June 13, 2010 broadcast. “As I stated during my original broadcast, every politician has the right to meet with whomever they want, but the citizens of New Hampshire have a right-to-know when their Governor is meeting with potential out-of-state donors, and the nature of the conversation. In this day and age, transparency should be the rule, not the exception.”

“I wasn’t even the first to report on the story. The story originally appeared in the publication the Washington Blade.  The story was then picked up by Steve McDonald over at the Granite Grok.” – Chidester explained. “The new media has been reporting on this story for over a month, and many of us were wondering why this story was being ignored by the mainstream media. Steve over at Granite Grok has done an incredible job on the story.”

“The most disturbing aspect of this story is the lack of transparency and honesty exhibited by John Lynch.” Why a secret meeting? Why no public announcement of the trip? What was said during the conversation,? What commitments did our Governor make? Who did the governor meet with? Were public funds used to pay for any aspect of the trip? These are valid and reasonable questions.” -  declared Chidester.  I agree with the Concord Monitor (as well as the Keene Sentinel), the story is worthy of reporting, but more important, Governor Lynch owes the people of New Hampshire an explanation. Governor Lynch is more than welcome to come on New Hampshire Perspective to explain his actions, but regardless of the venue, Governor Lynch needs to be more forthcoming.”


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